Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Inspiration Comes in all Forms

Inspiration:  who inspires me?  I am inspired by those who want to do better for this world who haven't experienced trauma, I am inspired by those who want to do better for this world who have experienced trauma.   I am inspired by those who make this world a better place.   And I am inspired by those around me, who went above and beyond, what I ever thought was possible.

Some people are people who have inspired me.   Please don't take offence if I didn't mention anyone in particular.

First off, my brother Darren.   You have to realise, I was able to exist and live in my fog in the first two months following zach's death because my brother did everything for us.   He arranged the entire funeral, spent countless hours on the phone with the police and coroners, basically, he let me grieve while all details were done by him and michelle.  I would be a different person right now, without him and his family.

One of my friends Lana Peterson.  Lana inspired me because she was a relentless advocate in educating her town where she lives on the dangers of the choking game.
She faced many obstacles in her fight to inform the parents in her community so THEY wouldn't lose a child like I did.   Facing all the obstacles, she was relentless in her pursuit of saving another child.  Her community is lucky to have her.

A new friend I met since zach died, Erin Spray.  Erin is going to Parliament!  Erin lost her son Jaren 3 months before Zachary died.   She is fighting to ensure another parent doesn't have to deal with insurance, that we are allowed to grieve the worst loss anyone will ever face.  A paid year off, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  It would be much easier to go back to her own world, but she is giving herself to help others.

And another friend since zach died, Leanne Thompson-Hill.  Leanne is assisting Erin in her journey to Parliament, as well, is helping organise Rayna's Day of Play.
Leanne also owns Tantrix tattoes.  Tantrix did mine and Sean's memorial tattoos for zach.  Her business is selflessly giving free tattoos to parents who have lost children.   Leanne inspires me because she has not lost a child, but has done above and beyond things to help grieving mothers.
On a side note, I'm getting ready for my THIRD tattoo!  This one will encompass all three of my children.

My cousin Cathy Beaven.  While the world continues on, Cathy continues to support me, sending me inspirational messages, asking me how I'm doing.  It is like she KNOWS, without her knowing. 

My epicure leaders, my other family, the women who have too lost children.   Margaret, Pauleen, and Tracey.   All three of these women surrounded me, protected me, listened to me.  Tell me and continue to tell me, there IS HOPE.  

I could continue on and on.  For now, I will conclude my short list of a very long list of people who inspire me.

Everything I do in this world, I now do for him.   My son is my hero, he is my inspiration.

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  1. That was beautiful Dawn.... I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a child but I am grateful that you have found so many people to help you through this and that people continue to be there for you. I am a friend of Lana's and am so proud that she has spread the word - it has also been spread to me and my circle of friends here in Edmonton. Your son would be so proud of you and your friends/family, how they are informing as ms many people as you can about this 'game'.

    Jodi Duchesne